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Hey, my name is Erin Young. I come from London. I went to Lancaster University. After graduating, I found a job and went to TreatAssignmentHelp.Treatassignmenthelp is team of leading professional writers for Assignment Help to students all around the world.


Amidst the current global pandemic, most people are staying at home. Social life has been disrupted to a large extent especially in cities, where people used to be more in markets than at home. Constantly sitting at home can lead to weight gain, heart disease, insomnia, diabetes, and even cancer. But apart from these physical ailments, there are psychological implications of sitting at home. Among the basic implications could be a panic attack, depression, or anxiety. The constant bombardment of news regarding the death rate due to COVID-19 generates panic in people.


The hoax news that is spread via social media such as on Facebook posts, Instagram posts and What's App can have a significant impact on one's health. Ever since the advent of the pandemic, the suicide rates have increased substantially. There are cases in which people took their own lives without even confirming if they were COVID positive or not. The fear of getting infected with a disease that has no exact cure has led to mass panic. People in the United States took to the streets to oppose the mandatory wearing of the mark, they believe that nothing can protect them against the deadly virus.



Treat Assignment Help

However, such reactions of people could also be the consequence of staying under lockdown for months. Human life has changed drastically and now people fear getting close to their near and dear ones. The student community is suffering more than the people who already have jobs and who can work from home. A normal student in school or college is not only sacrificing his social life but also his career because of the ongoing pandemic. There are multiple pressures operational over a student,


He has little to no Statistics Assignment Help in UK or MATLAB Assignment Help in Australia .

• He gets limited attention from his teachers over the internet.

• His outdoor activities or sports have been stopped, therefore, he has no means to channelize his energy into it.

• His friends are staying away from him therefore, he is left with no social life or people to share his problems with.

• He craves privacy which is hard to find when one's entire family is at home.


Although the parents are present at home can they really help to solve complicated tasks for example are they efficient enough to provide a Assignment Helper ? The answer is no, they cannot provide any assistance unless it is their area of ​​expertise

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